ASP#128 – Fresh Auto Approve List – November, 02, 2017 Updated

Hi there guys,
Didn’t post here for some time. What’s new? Well, I’m still building auto approve lists. One per month. I didn’t update here all the lists stats since I send all the new builds directly to my subscribers via email.

Anyway, from now on I will try to post here as well every time I will launch a fresh list.

Fresh Auto Approve Blog List launched on November 02, 2017
Fresh Links that I didn’t sell before, high success rate

Monster auto approve list with almost 150.000 Auto Approve Links, hundreds of Edu&Gov

Authority Scrapebox Package #128

146.282 Auto Approve Links from 4841 Unique Domains
1135 Dofollow Only Auto Approve Links
406 Edu&Edu.xx Auto Approve Urls
103 Gov&Gov.xx Auto Approve Urls

Regular price for Authority Scrapebox Package #128 is $49

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November Scrapebox Auto Approve List – Over 104.000 Links

List launched on November 03

Fresh Auto Approve Blog list that I didn’t sold before.
100% fresh links from fresh unique domains.
40% discount for my subscribers

Authority Scrapebox Package #76

104.594 Auto Approve Links from 6296 Unique Domains
741 Dofollow Only Auto Approve Links
376 High PR Auto Approve Links (up to PR5)
107 Edu&Eduxx Auto Approve Links
58 Gov&Govxx Auto Approve Links

High PR Auto Approve Links(up to PR5)

PR5X 9
PR4X 8
PR3X 16
PR2X 94
PR1X 249

The price for Authority Scrapebox Package #76 is $49

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Authority Scrapebox Package#34 – 140.000 auto approve list,High PR scrapebox list, Dofollow AA

Before presenting you my latest auto approve list I will talk about latest google update.

Probably many of your sites were hit by penguin 2.0 update.

 Well, I managed to write a short guide about how to rank a site in few days for a high competitive keyword using only blog comments. Yes, it’s possible. Check it out here.

 And here is my latest auto approve list. Bigger and better. Over 140k links from almost 5.5k unique domains, 4.6k dofollow auto approve and a lot of High PR AA Links(almost 2.000)

 All this are fresh scraped links, from new domains that I didn’t sold before.

 Only 20 copies for this list to maintain the quality and of course, 40% discount for my subscribers.

 Here is Authority Scrapebox Package #34

 140.041 Auto Approve Links from 5.406 Unique Domains
4661 Dofollow Only Auto Approve Urls
1988 High PR Links (up to PR5)
122 .edu & 84 .edu.xx + 9 gov all auto approve urls

 High PR Links breakdown:

 PR5 x 3
PR4 X 44
PR3 X 183
PR2 X 712
PR1 X 1046

Price of this Scrapebox Auto Approve List is only $49

 But if you join my list you can get it with $29.

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22 April Auto Approve Blog List-110k AA Links from over 5200 Unique Domains

Hello. My latest auto approve list is ready.

Strong auto approve blog list with new unique domains. Note that this are fresh AA domains that I didn’t sold in my other packages.

About 5300 Unique Domains, Edu and Gov AA included and of course 3500 Dofollow auto approve list

Like always, I will sell only 20 copies.

Here is Authority Scrapebox Package #30

110.592 Auto Approve Urls from 5248 Fresh Unique Domains
1558 High PR AA Links
3500 Dofollow Auto Approve Links
55 Edu & 55 Gov Auto Approve Urls

High Page Rank Links

PR 5 X 2
PR 4 X 9
    PR 3 X 109
    PR 2 X 431
      PR 1 X 1007

Price for ASP#30 is just $49.  But you can get Authority Scrapebox Package #30 with only $29 if you subscribe to my list. That’s a 40% discount !

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If you get “this product does not exist” that means the list is no longer available.

March Auto Approve List- Private Scrapebox List 120k Links,4.5k domains,high pr and dofollow

Here is Authority Private Package#27

This is a private list and will be sold only to 15 of my subscribers. If you didn’t subscribed yet you can use the form from the right.        ====================>

That’s what you will get:

118.136 Auto Approve Links from 4592 Unique Domains
2196 High PR Auto Approve Links (PR1-PR5)
2046 Dofollow Only AA links
60 .edu AA Links + 80 edu.xx AA Urls

High PR Links Breakdown

PR5 X 3
      PR4 X 110
    PR3 X 334
    PR2 X 583
      PR1 X 1166

 Authority Private Package#27 is $49

This is a private list and will be available  for 15 of my subscribers. Subscribing you will also get 40% discount. If you didn’t subscribed yet you can use the form from the right.


2012 Christmas Private AA List-HALF PRICE, Almost 130k urls, Low OBL<30, High PR and Dofollow Included


I present you the last Auto Approve list of 2012 – Authority Scrapebox Package -Christmas Edition

 I’m talking about a private list with almost 130k links from 4100 fresh unique domains that you will not find in any of my past AA packages.

 Also, a lot of low OBL on this list:

     108.452 < 100 Outbound Links
85.367 < 50 Outbound Links
67.660 < 30 Outbound Links

Here is Authority Scrapebox Package-Christmas Edition (private list)

127.495 Urls from 4090 Unique Domains
1142 High PR Auto Approve Links
199 Dofollow Only AA Urls
39 .edu AA urls

High PR Links breakdown

PR5 X 3
PR4 X 10
PR3 X 113
PR2 X 259
PR1 X 757

Price for Authority Scrapebox Package #20 is $49


Christmas Special:  You can get this package at HALF PRICE if you subscribe to my list. (after subscribtion you will get your 50% off coupon in your email)

Only first 20 buyers will get this offer.